Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport (ATL) shops, duty-free, stores, and retail outlets.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport (ATL)

A list of shops in Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport (ATL). See locations, opening hours, and products & brands available.

11 Alive Travel Store

Type: Newspapers, magazines
Post-Security, B Concourse Area
Tel: 404 344-7905 404 344-7905

ATL Market

Type: Newspapers, magazines
Post-Security, D Concourse Area
Tel: 404-419-9244

ATL Sunglasses

Type: Sunglasses, eyewear
Brands include: Oakley and Ray Ban
Post-Security, Atrium NE Area
Tel: 404 768-8623

ATL Today

Type: Newspapers, Magazines, Books
Location: Gates D1 and D10
Tel: 404 574-6199 404 574-6199

ATL Today Express Kiosk

Type: Newspapers, Magazines, Books
Location: C Concourse Area
Location: Gate C4

Airport Wireless

Type: Electronics
Location: Gate B27 and A Concourse Area
Tel: 404 761-3888


Type: Souvenirs, gifts, and collectibles
Location: C and D Concourse Areas
Tel: 404 669-0778 404 669-0778

Amazon Kindle Zoom Shop

Type: Electronics
Location: Gate A17, Gate E27
Location: D Concourse Area

Atlanta Daily World

Type: Newspapers, magazines, books
Location: Gate D29, C17, B5
Tel: 404 768-3231

Atlanta News & Gifts

Type: newspapers, gifts
Location: Gate T14, B31, and T4
Tel: 404 763-4064


Type: Entertainment, cultural, sports and educational institutions
Location: Gate A11
Tel: 404 768-5587

B Iconic

Type: Accessories
Location: Gate A14, T3
Tel: 404-763-6712

Benefit Cosmetics

Type: Cosmetic Kiosk
Location: Gate D11

Best Buy Express

Type: Electronics
– Gates E33, E4, C39, A19, E15, D11A
– A Concourse area

Bijoux Terner

Type: Gifts and Decorative Accessories
Location: Gate C14
Tel: 404 574-6197

Blue Moon Brewhouse

Location: Gate E28
Tel: 404-762-9180


Type: portable electronics
Location: D Concourse Area
Tel: 404-684-9000

Brighton Collectibles

Type: accessories, jewelry, and handbags
Post-Security, Atrium SE Area
Location: A Concourse Area
Tel: 404 766-3918 404 766-3918

Brooks Brothers

Type: fashion, apparel
Location: Gate Atrium SE, Gate E27
Tel: 404 921-5969


Type: electronics, gadgets and travel accessories
– Gates F6, D15, T5
– B Concourse Area
Tel: 404 669-9010

Buckhead Books

Type: Books, Newspapers, and Magazines
Location: Gate C39
Location: B Concourse Area
Tel: 404 574-6198


Type: jewelry
Location: A Concourse Area
Tel: 404-763-8846


Type: Newspapers, magazines, snacks
– E Concourse Area, Tel: 404 761-4360
– Gate E29, Tel: 404 592-0814


Type: Selection of newspapers, books, magazines, souvenirs and gifts
Location: Gate E7
Tel: 404-763-3874


Type: Accessories
Location: F Concourse Area
Tel: 404-305-8904


Type: Designer accessories
Location: F Concourse Area
Tel: 404 382-2750


Type: Newspapers, gifts and convenience store
Location: C Concourse Area, Gate D22
Tel: 404 209-8187

Drugs & More

Type: pharmacy
Post-Security, Atrium SE Area
Tel: 404 684-9269 404 684-6600

Duty-Free Americas

Type: travel retail store
Location: E Concourse Area, Gate F10
Tel: 404-382-2850, 404 382-2744

Ermenegildo Zegna

Type: men clothing and accessories
Location: A Concourse Area
Tel: 404-763-9372

Fire CZ

Type: Jewelry
Location: Gate C37, B5
Tel: 404 684-0705

Georgia Lottery

Type: Lottery games
Post-Security, Atrium SW and NW Areas
Tel: 404 762-8650

Headphone Hub

Type: Electronics
Location: E Concourse Area
Tel: 404-766-6235

Heritage Bookseller

Type: books
Post-Security, Atrium SE Area
Hours: 5 am – 11 pm

Johnston & Murphy

Type: Men and women’s clothing, shoes and accessories
Location: D Concourse Area
Tel: 404-761-3302


Type: Skin and beauty products
Location: B and F Concourse Areas
Tel: 404 305-8906


Type: selling skincare, bath & hair products
Location: Gate A27
Tel: 404 768-4747


Type: skin care & beauty products
Location: Gate T5
Tel: 404-763-6947

Luxe International

Type: fashion
Location: Gates B17, D11
Tel: 404-761-2210

Luxury Boutique

Type: Fashion Boutique
Location: F Concourse Area
Tel: 404 305-8903

MAC Cosmetics

Type: Cosmetics
Location: F Concourse Area
Tel: 404 305-8905

Michael Kors

Type: Handbags and accessories
– F Concourse Area, Tel: 404-382-2751
– Gate E11, Tel: 404-763-0432

Mont Blanc

Type: Designer Accessories
Location: F Concourse Area
Tel: 404-382-2753

Mori Luggage and Gifts

Type: Suitcases, Travel Bags and Travel Accessories
– Gate C9, Tel: 404 761-7454
– Gate D9, Tel: 404 209-0553
New York Times News
Type: books, newspapers
Location: E Concourse Area
Tel: 678-272-4008


Type: Accessories
– Gate A22, Tel: 404 684-6633
– Post-Security, Gate T12, Tel: 404 768-5990


Type: Accessories, Silver, Gold & Leather bracelets
Location: Gate E26
Tel: 678-666-2697

Piedmont Park TravelMart

Type: gift shop
Post-Security, Atrium SW Area
Tel: 404-761-1535

Salvatore Ferragamo

Type: fashion, accessories
Location: A Concourse Area
Tel: 404-763-9098

Sean John

Type: men’s clothing
Location: Gate B28
Tel: 404-763-4448

Shades Of Time

Type: Sunglasses, eyewear
Location: Gate E28
Tel: 404 492-5203

Simply Books

Type: Books
– A Concourse Area, Tel: 404-763-8018
– Atrium NE Area, Tel: 404 838-2530
– F Concourse Area, Tel: 404 838-2530
– Gate F9, Tel: 404 838-2530
– Gate B29, Tel: 404-763-4041


Type: electronics
Location: Gate E27
Tel: 404 762-8950

Southern Flavors

Type: gifts and fashion accessories
Post-Security, Gate: T12
Tel: 404 768-5990


Type: slimming slips, hosiery, leggings for women and men
Location: Gate E27
Tel: 678 666-2817

Sunglass Icon

Type: sunglasses, eyewear
Brands include: Oakley, Ray-Ban
– Gate E8, Tel: 404-838-1036
– F Concourse Area, Tel: 404 305-8909

Sunglass Kiosk

Type: sunglasses, eyewear
Brands: Oakley, Ray-Ban, Prada, Tom Ford, Bulgari, Maui Jim, Marc Jacob, Versace
Location: B Concourse Area
Tel: 404-838-1036


Type: Designer jewelry, watches, and home decor
– E Concourse Area, Tel: 404 592-0928
– D Concourse Area, Tel: 404-419-9242
– C Concourse Area, Tel: 404 669-0779


Type: Gifts, Accessories
Post-Security, Gate T5
Tel: 404 762-8800

Taxco Sterling

Type: Jewelry
Location: Gates D10 and B16

Tech Interaction

Type: Electronics, gadgets, accessories
Location: Gate E12
Tel: 404 762-7944

Tech Showcase

Type: Mobile electronics, phone accessories, travel gadgets
Post-Security, Atrium NW Area

The Beauty Lounge Lancome

Type: cosmetics, beauty products
Location: B Concourse Area
Tel: 404-763-0337

The Body Shop

Type: cosmetics
Location: Gate F Mezzanine
Tel: 404 305-3735 and 404-382-2856

The Honest Company Zoom shop

Type: Organic nutritional supplements
Location: C and D Concourse Areas
Tel: 404-762-3536

The New York Times Books & News

Type: books, newspapers
Post-Security, Atrium SE Area
Tel: 404 684-1260

Tommy Hilfiger

Type: fashion, accessories
Location: F Concourse Area
Tel: 404-305-8910


Type: luggage and travel accessories
Location: Gate E11
Tel: 404-763-3902


Type: Convenience store
– Gate B26, Tel: 404-763-9251
– Post-Security, Atrium NE Area, Tel: 404 768-8626
– Gate A28, Tel: 404-763-9973
– Post-Security, Gate T10, Tel: 404-838-2606


Type: Apple gadgets
Location: Gate B16
Tel: 404574-6192
Sometimes, you need to get local currency to go shopping. Below are currency exchange facilities at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport (ATL):


Atrium hall, Phone: 404 766-8767
Gate T7, Concourse T, Phone: 404 767-3471
Centerpoint, Concourse A, Phone: 404 762-7696
Gate B16, Concourse B , Phone: 404 762-7996
Center point, Concourse D, Phone: 404 767-4530
Concourse E
– at Customs, Phone: 404 761-1406
– Gate E12, Phone: 404 761-1941
– Gate E26, Phone: 404 761-6331
– Center point, Phone: 404 768-2465
Concourse F
– Gate F6, Phone: 404 763-0900
– Arrivals Area (Baggage Claim), Phone: 404 719-1175
– Train/Customs Level
Facilities: Exchange of foreign currency, travelers’ cheques, drafts and wires, phone cards, travel insurance
Although almost all shops, stores, kiosks, and supermarkets in the airports often accept banking cards, sometimes it can be good to have some cash just in case. Below are banking/ATM facilities at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport (ATL):

Wells Fargo

Type: full-service bank branch
Atrium (Domestic Terminal)
Phone: 404 974-9555
Opening times: Mon – Fri 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Sat and Sun: Closed

Wells Fargo ATMs

10 ATMs are located at:
– Concourse A, B, and C Center point
– Concourse D (Gate 11A)
– Atrium NE, NW, SE, and SW
– Concourse F Centerpoint
– Concourse T Centerpoint
Phone: 800-869-3557
Opening times: open 24/7

Capitol City Bank

– The Atrium (branch)
– ATMs in the arrival and departure areas
Tel: 404 766-81111
Opening times: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, Mon to Fri, closed over the weekend
Facilities: Savings, cash advances, travelers’ cheques

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport (ATL) location on the map

6000N Terminal Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30320, United States

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