Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport (ATL) shops, duty-free, stores, and retail outlets.

A list of shops in Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport (ATL). See locations, opening hours, and products & brands available.

11 Alive Travel Store

Type: Newspapers, magazines
Post-Security, B Concourse Area
Tel: 404 344-7905 404 344-7905

ATL Market

Type: Newspapers, magazines
Post-Security, D Concourse Area
Tel: 404-419-9244

ATL Sunglasses

Type: Sunglasses, eyewear
Brands include: Oakley and Ray Ban
Post-Security, Atrium NE Area
Tel: 404 768-8623

ATL Today

Type: Newspapers, Magazines, Books
Location: Gates D1 and D10
Tel: 404 574-6199 404 574-6199

ATL Today Express Kiosk

Type: Newspapers, Magazines, Books
Location: C Concourse Area
Location: Gate C4

Airport Wireless

Type: Electronics
Location: Gate B27 and A Concourse Area
Tel: 404 761-3888


Type: Souvenirs, gifts, and collectibles
Location: C and D Concourse Areas
Tel: 404 669-0778 404 669-0778

Amazon Kindle Zoom Shop

Type: Electronics
Location: Gate A17, Gate E27
Location: D Concourse Area

Atlanta Daily World

Type: Newspapers, magazines, books
Location: Gate D29, C17, B5
Tel: 404 768-3231

Atlanta News & Gifts

Type: newspapers, gifts
Location: Gate T14, B31, and T4
Tel: 404 763-4064


Type: Entertainment, cultural, sports and educational institutions
Location: Gate A11
Tel: 404 768-5587

B Iconic

Type: Accessories
Location: Gate A14, T3
Tel: 404-763-6712

Benefit Cosmetics

Type: Cosmetic Kiosk
Location: Gate D11

Best Buy Express

Type: Electronics
– Gates E33, E4, C39, A19, E15, D11A
– A Concourse area

Bijoux Terner

Type: Gifts and Decorative Accessories
Location: Gate C14
Tel: 404 574-6197

Blue Moon Brewhouse

Location: Gate E28
Tel: 404-762-9180


Type: portable electronics
Location: D Concourse Area
Tel: 404-684-9000

Brighton Collectibles

Type: accessories, jewelry, and handbags
Post-Security, Atrium SE Area
Location: A Concourse Area
Tel: 404 766-3918 404 766-3918

Brooks Brothers

Type: fashion, apparel
Location: Gate Atrium SE, Gate E27
Tel: 404 921-5969


Type: electronics, gadgets and travel accessories
– Gates F6, D15, T5
– B Concourse Area
Tel: 404 669-9010

Buckhead Books

Type: Books, Newspapers, and Magazines
Location: Gate C39
Location: B Concourse Area
Tel: 404 574-6198


Type: jewelry
Location: A Concourse Area
Tel: 404-763-8846


Type: Newspapers, magazines, snacks
– E Concourse Area, Tel: 404 761-4360
– Gate E29, Tel: 404 592-0814


Type: Selection of newspapers, books, magazines, souvenirs and gifts
Location: Gate E7
Tel: 404-763-3874


Type: Accessories
Location: F Concourse Area
Tel: 404-305-8904


Type: Designer accessories
Location: F Concourse Area
Tel: 404 382-2750


Type: Newspapers, gifts and convenience store
Location: C Concourse Area, Gate D22
Tel: 404 209-8187

Drugs & More

Type: pharmacy
Post-Security, Atrium SE Area
Tel: 404 684-9269 404 684-6600

Duty-Free Americas

Type: travel retail store
Location: E Concourse Area, Gate F10
Tel: 404-382-2850, 404 382-2744

Ermenegildo Zegna

Type: men clothing and accessories
Location: A Concourse Area
Tel: 404-763-9372

Fire CZ

Type: Jewelry
Location: Gate C37, B5
Tel: 404 684-0705

Georgia Lottery

Type: Lottery games
Post-Security, Atrium SW and NW Areas
Tel: 404 762-8650

Headphone Hub

Type: Electronics
Location: E Concourse Area
Tel: 404-766-6235

Heritage Bookseller

Type: books
Post-Security, Atrium SE Area
Hours: 5 am – 11 pm

Johnston & Murphy

Type: Men and women’s clothing, shoes and accessories
Location: D Concourse Area
Tel: 404-761-3302


Type: Skin and beauty products
Location: B and F Concourse Areas
Tel: 404 305-8906


Type: selling skincare, bath & hair products
Location: Gate A27
Tel: 404 768-4747


Type: skin care & beauty products
Location: Gate T5
Tel: 404-763-6947

Luxe International

Type: fashion
Location: Gates B17, D11
Tel: 404-761-2210

Luxury Boutique

Type: Fashion Boutique
Location: F Concourse Area
Tel: 404 305-8903

MAC Cosmetics

Type: Cosmetics
Location: F Concourse Area
Tel: 404 305-8905

Michael Kors

Type: Handbags and accessories
– F Concourse Area, Tel: 404-382-2751
– Gate E11, Tel: 404-763-0432

Mont Blanc

Type: Designer Accessories
Location: F Concourse Area
Tel: 404-382-2753

Mori Luggage and Gifts

Type: Suitcases, Travel Bags and Travel Accessories
– Gate C9, Tel: 404 761-7454
– Gate D9, Tel: 404 209-0553
New York Times News
Type: books, newspapers
Location: E Concourse Area
Tel: 678-272-4008


Type: Accessories
– Gate A22, Tel: 404 684-6633
– Post-Security, Gate T12, Tel: 404 768-5990


Type: Accessories, Silver, Gold & Leather bracelets
Location: Gate E26
Tel: 678-666-2697

Piedmont Park TravelMart

Type: gift shop
Post-Security, Atrium SW Area
Tel: 404-761-1535

Salvatore Ferragamo

Type: fashion, accessories
Location: A Concourse Area
Tel: 404-763-9098

Sean John

Type: men’s clothing
Location: Gate B28
Tel: 404-763-4448

Shades Of Time

Type: Sunglasses, eyewear
Location: Gate E28
Tel: 404 492-5203

Simply Books

Type: Books
– A Concourse Area, Tel: 404-763-8018
– Atrium NE Area, Tel: 404 838-2530
– F Concourse Area, Tel: 404 838-2530
– Gate F9, Tel: 404 838-2530
– Gate B29, Tel: 404-763-4041


Type: electronics
Location: Gate E27
Tel: 404 762-8950

Southern Flavors

Type: gifts and fashion accessories
Post-Security, Gate: T12
Tel: 404 768-5990


Type: slimming slips, hosiery, leggings for women and men
Location: Gate E27
Tel: 678 666-2817

Sunglass Icon

Type: sunglasses, eyewear
Brands include: Oakley, Ray-Ban
– Gate E8, Tel: 404-838-1036
– F Concourse Area, Tel: 404 305-8909

Sunglass Kiosk

Type: sunglasses, eyewear
Brands: Oakley, Ray-Ban, Prada, Tom Ford, Bulgari, Maui Jim, Marc Jacob, Versace
Location: B Concourse Area
Tel: 404-838-1036


Type: Designer jewelry, watches, and home decor
– E Concourse Area, Tel: 404 592-0928
– D Concourse Area, Tel: 404-419-9242
– C Concourse Area, Tel: 404 669-0779


Type: Gifts, Accessories
Post-Security, Gate T5
Tel: 404 762-8800

Taxco Sterling

Type: Jewelry
Location: Gates D10 and B16

Tech Interaction

Type: Electronics, gadgets, accessories
Location: Gate E12
Tel: 404 762-7944

Tech Showcase

Type: Mobile electronics, phone accessories, travel gadgets
Post-Security, Atrium NW Area

The Beauty Lounge Lancome

Type: cosmetics, beauty products
Location: B Concourse Area
Tel: 404-763-0337

The Body Shop

Type: cosmetics
Location: Gate F Mezzanine
Tel: 404 305-3735 and 404-382-2856

The Honest Company Zoom shop

Type: Organic nutritional supplements
Location: C and D Concourse Areas
Tel: 404-762-3536

The New York Times Books & News

Type: books, newspapers
Post-Security, Atrium SE Area
Tel: 404 684-1260

Tommy Hilfiger

Type: fashion, accessories
Location: F Concourse Area
Tel: 404-305-8910


Type: luggage and travel accessories
Location: Gate E11
Tel: 404-763-3902


Type: Convenience store
– Gate B26, Tel: 404-763-9251
– Post-Security, Atrium NE Area, Tel: 404 768-8626
– Gate A28, Tel: 404-763-9973
– Post-Security, Gate T10, Tel: 404-838-2606


Type: Apple gadgets
Location: Gate B16
Tel: 404574-6192


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