Hi, I'm Tim. I travel often and spend a lot of time in different airports around the world.
What to do at the airport while awaiting your boarding or spending time while waiting for a connection flight?

I love shopping, especially since at the airport you can often buy everything you need not only in travel at special prices: clothes, shoes, medicines, products, luxury goods, and gifts.

At any airport, a passenger can find booths, kiosks, shops, and even supermarkets and duty-free shops in large international air hubs.

But sometimes the airport buildings are so huge that the traveler is often lost in a variety of terminals and complicated navigation.

So I decided to make this site to help travelers, like me, quickly find the right store, kiosk, supermarket, boutique, or pharmacy at any airport around the world.

Shops in Airports by Country

Choose your country or use a search to get a list of airports with shops' locations contacts, opening hours, and offered products/brands.